Consultia Engineering Services Works as a “hub” of specialized professionals

In order to provide engineering services we have integrated a set of specialized professionals in different areas, allowing us to offer a wide range of services with the best quality possible and therefore adjusting to the client’s necessities optimally regarding types of services, time and costs.

  • We offer a wide range of services enabling our clients to meet their requirements fully
  • We assure the delivery of the highest quality services since we count on first level specialists in various disciplines in which we operate
  • We have a cost structure which allows us to be highly competitive price wise without sacrificing the quality of our services
  • Additionally, we count on agreements with different specialized enterprises enabling us to further extend the range of services we provide to our clients

We provide services in different specialties which allow us to resolve our clients’ engineering project needs, counting on highly experienced professionals in the different relevant disciplines

Our specialty areas in which we have experienced staff are the following:
  • Project Management
  • Project Engineering
  • Civil Engineering and building construction
  • Materials y corrosion
  • Heat
  • Mechanics
  • Pipes
  • Electricity
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Security within the design
  • Procurement and Hiring

We have worked on projects of enterprises such as Petronor, Repsol or Dow Chemical Company. Consultia IT’s capabilities allow us to embrace the different phases within engineering projects of different types and scales.