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In Consultia IT we offer our clients the opportunity to analyze their business solutions and identify opportunities for improvement stemming from the best practices in their activity sectors. Likewise we contribute our knowledge and that of our collaborators’ specialists, upon the most innovative solutions available in the market and the best way to apply them to their particular case.

To do this, our team is composed by a group of top professionals with an extensive international experience in various industries and coming from various disciplines from commercial strategy and management to logistic operation and purchasing, going through finances, controlling or production.

Our work philosophy in collaboration with our clients implies involving in their day by day to offer them proximity and experience enabling us to provide new fresh and innovating ideas which have been proven in the market, enabling them to obtain tangible results within reasonable periods of time.

Core Consulting Services:


Open Innovation - New ways of working

To be innovative is to be a step ahead of the competition, working on developing differential elements within the products and services we offer which our clients value and furthermore, from which they obtain benefits. Do you know that innovation can help you grow faster and in a profitable manner? Consultia has helped large and medium enterprises such as Ferrovial (Railways) to incorporate innovation into their way of working.


  • Innovation management:
    • Generation and enrichment techniques of business ideas and models (business canvas)
    • Transforming ideas into viable projects (design technics)
    • Project management and evaluation
    • Prioritization y organization
  • Innovation management support tools.
  • Innovation vehicles: Open innovation centres, Intrapreneurship...

Income development – New customers and markets

Do you think that your company could grow faster than the competition? Do you think that your product or service is differential and that it could develop its activity with success in other markets? And most importantly, have the means to find the right partners to grow and do you know the most suitable markets to do so? Consultia has helped enterprises such as Sanitas, Indra or Fira in Barcelona to develop their businesses and to seek the most appropriate industrial, commercial and financial partners to do so.


  • Search for industrial, commercial and financial partners
  • Technical-commercial support in investment operations (sale/purchases)
  • Organizational integration and systems projects after purchase or agreement
  • Preparation and presentation of individual offers or in consortium

Operations and Processes – Better execution and lower costs

Many of your companies’ critical processes could be done in a more efficient and agile way, and at a lower cost by applying technology and practices to other sectors. However, often the best opportunities are not addressed due to lack of confidence in succeeding. Do you know that technology can help you to achieve these improvements by minimizing the risks?


  • • Design and re-engineering of processes:
    • Optimization of procurement processes
    • Production improved and integrated with MRP planning.
    • Logistical processes automation (Tasks orientation, warehouses mobility, PTL, Voice Picking, automated warehouse integration …)
    • SFA Sales force automation (Sale Routes mobility, follow up of vendors activity, …)
    • Automation of field devices (maintenance operators’ mobility, …)
  • • Corporate cost reduction: shared service centres.

Intelligence - Better Decisions

The availability of reliable internal data and market data is increasingly essential for proper decision when it comes to strategic and tactical decisions within the company. Does your company have reliable information regarding its activity and its clients? Are you performing accurate and reliable informed decision-making? Consultia has helped all sorts of enterprises to establish how necessary information is and how to manage it appropriately to meet the proposed objectives.


  • Competitive intelligence on target markets. Portals of intelligence.
  • Data Quality
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Integration
  • Data Governance

Design Services - Customer Experience (CX)

To reinforce the value of services by improving the experience that the customer perceives from them is showing to be one of the main differentiation factors in the world of services. Are there alternatives to improve the perception of our services in the market against the competition? Which are the most realistic options to redesign them and succeed? Is your company prepared for the new challenges that the CX offers in its sector?


  • Re-design of commercial services.
  • Support tools: Loyalty systems, Customizing content, Mobile Marketing, Gamification, ...