Comprehensive Services for Large International Events

Mobile World Congress is the worldwide reference event for the mobile technology industry. Since 2006, this prestigious and important meeting organized by GSMA takes place in the city of Barcelona within FIRA’s facilities. In its last edition, it brought together more than 70.000 visitors from 200 countries. Participating companies include industry leaders like Nokia, LG, Samsung, Google, Blackberry, etc. which exhibited their latest products and most novel technologies of current time.


FIRA of Barcelona has relied on the capacities and experience of Consultia IT in this sector and both entities have signed an agreement for the coordination and organization of this complex event as well as the development and implementation of registration service and accreditation of registrars:

  • Office for the Coordination of the event: dialogue and coordination between all FIRA’s diverse areas involved in the event. (Customer Care, On Site, IT, etc.) and GSMA (Mobile World Congress organizer)
  • Technological Platform for access control in order to secure and optimized access to the different event venues: A solution which allows optimizing queue management (visitors waiting times) and increases the volume of people per hour whom access to the event and/or parallel events.
  • Comprehensive platform to manage the registration and accreditation of visitors and exhibitors entering different events: A solution which allows full comprehensive management of the registration and accreditation process regarding the visitors and exhibitors at all stages of the event (pre-registration via web, on-site accreditation, data integration using a BackOffice system to manage attendees information and event access control devices integration).

  • An increase of pre-accredited (pre-event) of up to 80%. A reduction of ‘personnel of accreditation’ (in-situ) needed and of the related costs.
  • Optimization of ‘collection of passes’ times (during the event):
    • 120 seconds average for new in-situ accreditations.
    • 50% time reduction in ‘collection of pre-accredited passes’ (from 80 to 35 seconds )
    • Pass printing’ in an average of 5 seconds (according to the use of RFID or plastic )
  • Reduction of personnel needed: 40% less personnel to manage accreditations in-situ.