Mobility Solution for Large-Scale Maintenance

Metro de Madrid S.A. is a public enterprise, integrated in the Regional Consortium of Transports of Madrid. Administrated by the Community of Madrid, its main functions are the operation of subway network lines currently functioning, the service planning and quality enhancement for the suburban users and the facilities optimization. It has 293 kilometres of network, 300 stations and offers service to approximately 2 million users.


Metro de Madrid implemented GEMA Mobility system on SAP platform in 2004, aiming to ease the task of the Fixed Facilities Maintenance Unit. Eventually, this application has become obsolete, therefore, Metro de Madrid has evaluated several proposals and possible solutions between various IT service providers regarding mobility tools development.
Finally, Metro de Madrid advocated for the EMX mobility development tool, developed by Consultia IT enterprise, due to the response time improvements for the service provision as well as its compatibility and flexibility with other more current information systems.
Consultia IT has been responsible for all the phases of analysis, design, construction, testing, training, implementation, production and support of the new mobility environment. Furthermore, the tool provides support to, approximately, 600 mobile devise users and about 150 SAP ones, responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of the network facilities.


Significant improvement in usability, handling the application is much more intuitive and simpler for the employees and a speed up in synchronizing times of the tool with the central systems, allowing processes execution at a higher speed.