New Mobile Commercial Distribution Model

BIMBO, belongs to U.S. firm ‘Sara Lee Bakery Group’, one of the largest food companies in Spain. Currently leading segments of bakery, pastry and infant confectionery, based on the quality, innovation, service and freshness of their products.


Consultia IT reviewed and proposed a new commercial distribution model for all Bimbo’s products adapted to the dimension and characteristics of the company in Spain. But to undertake this new approach towards their products distribution, it was a prior necessity to renew their technological infrastructure, based on mobile terminals for the several network functionalities and in servers located in each delegation, from which the orders information was sent to the central system.
Consultia IT has been responsible for the mobility platform implementation with which pre-sales and ‘direct store delivery processes’ commercials and distributors work with to capture orders, delivery notes, invoices and for billing, and as last, the web portal accessed by commercial managers and distributers.


Consultia IT, gathering their capabilities in Consulting and Technology, as well as their knowledge and experience in the large consumption sector, has obtained practical and tangible results for BIMBO:

  • Reduction of delivery lasting time
  • Productivity increase
  • Quality improvements of the service
  • Useful, simplified and actualized information

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