Commercial Network Optimization in Mobility

Baxi Group is a leading Company in the heating sector within Europe with direct presence in the main countries of Western Europe and whose products are traded world-wide. It has a strong presence within the most advanced heating technology segments. From condensation equipment to those that apply renewable energy and, in even a more outstanding way, in the new markets such as micro-cogeneration equipment.


Consultia IT has collaborated with Baxi Group on optimizing a critical process for this sector, their distribution and aftersales system. In this respect, and with the aim to improve control over sale channels, service and end-user attention, a new model has been designed and a mobility system implemented in a web environment.
After a first review phase and a new ‘distribution and aftersales model’ proposal, the key processes were identified to define a customized mobility solution:

  • Relationship management between Baxi and its dealer network: replenishment orders, quarterly settlements, vision of company’s fleet, labour statistics…
  • Dealer management within a web environment: notifications, warehouses, worksheets, technicians’ assignment, routes with the corresponding invoice settlement, direct debit collections, cash, maintenance contracts and subscribers…
  • Technicians Network Management (Field Service) within a mobile and web environment for tasks performance of diverse nature: work order management, stocks, notifications and agenda, collections, revenue and balances, signature acquisition on PDA…


Currently, Consultia IT continues to provide Baxi Group users support and customer care services. Within the main benefits obtained from the projects realization, some should be emphasized:

  • Productivity increase at a technical level of a 20%
  • Operative efficiency:
    • Greater agility in decision-making
    • Simplification of the administrative processes between the dealer network and the parent enterprise
  • Control and quality improvements of the service: Updated information regarding providing distribution and aftersales services