Supply Chain Optimization

J. Garcia Carrión is the outright leader enterprise of the Spanish Wine and Juice market. In addition, it is positioned as the first Winery in Europe and fifth at the global level. It owns the popular brand ‘Don Simón’, leader amongst Europe’s juice market. Its trade performance reaches more than 130 countries within the 5 continents and with an annual average billing of €650 million.

The optimal supply chain management (demand planning, purchase processes optimization, stock handling and storage cost reduction, etc.) has become a key aspect for the smooth operation of enterprises in the retail sector. In this sense, Consultia IT has worked closely with JGC to improve the company’s critical processes:

  • Purchases-Stocking. Review of processes (products families analysis, classification, purchasing strategy for every one of them), management model proposal and proceedings normalization.    
  • Logistics-Warehouse Management System: Analysis of potential improvements based on an optimal organization of materials distribution, peak working periods planning to increase workers productivity, etc. Supported by the company’s (SAP WM) standard systems.     
  • Commercial and Distribution-Point of Sale optimization: Review of sales process (manufacturers and distributers orders management, billing, campaigns and promotions, prices, etc.) and improvement proposals.

As a result, JGC has experienced several improvements at an information available level and processes normalization level, in the management and control of materials, in agility speed-up and efficient responses to the demand changes, as well as, a positive impact of logistical costs (handling, access and no stock breakage, etc.). Such improvements have supposed operating margin improvement of €3 million to €4 million per year.