Customer Experience Improvement Plan for ‘Parques Reunidos’

Parques Reunidos is a Spanish Group leader in the leisure sector and one of the reference operators at a European level, with nearly 26 million visitors a year. It manages 71 theme parks distributed amongst Spain, Belgium, Norway, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Argentina and United States.

Consultia IT applied its customer experience evaluation methodology to identify externally and to make an overall assessment of improvement opportunities value based on new technologies application. In order to facilitate the implementation of these initiatives an individual project plan was established, taking in consideration the size and geographical presence of the group, a global action plan was designed to coordinate the different opportunities implementation.

As a result of the first implemented actions, Parques Reunidos aims at achieving an increase in their income of approximately €9 million (within a horizon of three years) and an operational cost saving above an average sum of half a million euros per year.