Intelligent Infrastructures Open Innovation Centre

Ferrovial is one of the world leaders in infrastructure development and transport services and it is a reference in application of technological solutions to their management. In addition, it’s a global company with more than €12.000 million billing.

Consultia IT has closely collaborated with Ferrovial in the application of innovation dynamization technics of their services, formulating and implementing, amongst other initiatives, a ground-breaking project in Spain, an Intelligent Infrastructures Open Innovation Centre, dedicated to the development of projects related with "smart living", which could help to improve the citizens quality of life.

A technically and financially feasible plan was developed, as well as agreements for projects with different international partners. In addition, Consultia IT was Project office during the launch of the Centre, providing support in the creation and development of the initial projects.

Currently, the Intelligent Infrastructures Innovation Centre is a reference in investigation, development and innovation of Smart City technological products and services and in addition, it participates in different European programs of innovation.