Inventory Management System on SAP ECC via RFID

OAMI is the Internal Market harmonization Office. It handles the trade marks, drawings and models management in the European Union in collaboration with notional and regional offices of intellectual property, the European Commission and other international organizations.

Every year, it registers approximately 100.000 community trade marks (CTM) and nearly 75.000 drawings and models, offering intellectual property protection to companies and natural persons in a market with more than 500 million consumers.

Its headquarters are located in Alicante and it manages an internal inventory of 25.000 Equipment devises (adding both, computer hardware and movable property) spread over 4.000 technical locations and 22 storage locations.

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The project’s main aim was to create a mobile application integrated with SAP which would allow ‘OAMI’ to carry out inventories avoiding those disadvantages of the previous application.

In order to do this, an off-line solution was implemented (thus avoiding coverage problems regarding certain locations) which would invent equipment by means of RFID tag (Radio Frequency ID) previously placed on each device and location.

The solution had to allow the inventoried and the transfer of equipment within SAP to technical locations and store locations.


The implementation of the Inventory Management System application has enabled OAMI to:

  • Reduce the number of non-located elements.
  • Save time in the inventories completion thanks to RFID read capabilities.
  • Solve the problem regarding inventories completion within store locations without signal coverage.
  • Reduce the number of required total inventories.
  • Have each equipment location updated.
  • Simplify time and cost of troubleshooting.

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