I N I A Ministry of Education and Science automates all its management processes.

The National Institution for Research and Technology of Agriculture and Food –INIA- is a public research organization, carried out autonomously which belongs to the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science structure, dedicated to Research, Development and Innovation regarding agriculture, food, forestry and environment.

According to the Royal Decree 1951/2000 dated 1 December on the Statute of INIA, its objectives are programming, coordination, resources allocation, monitoring and evaluation of scientific and technological research activities, as well as the implementation of technological research and development functions, including those of technological transfer regarding agriculture and food matters.


Its General Directorate encompasses two operational General Sub-directorates, dedicated to the management of programs and to the implementation of research and development measures, and due to its autonomous nature from a commercial, administrative and financial point of view, this institute is provided with a General Secretariat which carries out internal affairs, budgetary matters and property issues.

In 2003, INIA addressed their information systems technological change in order to move to the strategy based on SAP’s technological platform, using the public sector solution.

At the same time an internet strategy was developed orientated towards the investigator, for both the community of INIA, based on an Intranet, as for the external investigator in a portal where there is access to a world of information, bibliographic sources, research for economic aid requests, aid management, research projects, Standardized CV, Seeker, Agents, Alerts, Bulletins,…

The result is a great time saving regarding the aid summons management, vacation requests, administrative steps, consultation of resources, economic situation of projects,…

Internally it has also favored project management, the economic control and follow up of the institute’s budget, the cash management, electronic purchases,... Additionally, on this platform and directly integrated with SAP R/3 a mobile application has been developed for inventory management based on Microsoft Windows Mobile and .Net, and a web application for the economic management of the research projects based on MS SharePoint.

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